Scorpion Symbolism - Scorpion Dream Meaning, Scorpion Mythology and Scorpion Spirit Animal Meanings

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The symbolic meaning of the Scorpion can be a bit ominous, just like its appearance. You will need to have the ability to see beyond the surface of the scorpion to see the significance of its symbolic meaning. Underneath its harsh exterior, this creature is both complex and beautiful, and you can find learnings and common ground from this creature that you perhaps did not expect.

Scorpion Symbolism and Scorpion Dream Meanings

The Scorpion has a wide range of symbolic meaning across all of human history. We’ll go through a few of the most common ones here below.

Sex and Passion

Scorpions have one of the most complex mating rituals. The male and female go through an elaborate dance that sometimes takes anywhere from 1 to 25 hours. This ritual often looks dangerous, and sometimes involves stinging one another. This has made the scorpion a symbol of passionate and ravenous sexuality.

Protection and Defensiveness

Scorpions are animals that do not sting for no reason, but instead choose to retreat and only attack when there is no other choice. Scorpions are also known to be great mothers, as when scorpion babies are hatched they often ride on her back until they are big enough to fend for themselves.

Death and Treachery

The scorpion is also associated with sudden death because of its playful nature before it goes in for the sting. Oftentimes, this makes the scorpion’s sting associated with a surprise death.

Messages from the Scorpion - What Does Dreaming About Scorpions Mean?

When we try and decipher scorpion symbolism, we can look at its general symbolic meaning to decipherits significance. The scorpion has a natural defense system in the form of its hard exoskeleton, as well as having a venomous stinger and dangerous pinchers.

When a scorpion crosses our path, it often makes us question several things in our lives.Is there anything in my life that needs protecting? Am I being too defensive about a particular situation? Do I have a healthy relationship with control in my life? Is being vulnerable an issue for me?

The scorpion has much to show us, but we have to take the symbolism in conjunction with the situation in our lives at present. The scorpion is a formidable totem, but one that is protective and demands contemplation.

Scorpion Symbolism and Meaning by Region

Here are a few representations of the scorpion in various regions.

Ancient Sumerian Scorpion Symbolism

The ancient Sumerians associated the scorpion with the sun. Ancient Sumerian depictions often show scorpion-like men protecting sacred gateways. These gateways lead to the ascension, enlightenment, and pleasure. In this way, the scorpion represented divine guardians to the netherworld.

Ancient Egyptian Scorpion Symbolism

The ancient Egyptians venerated the scorpion, as it was the symbol of the goddess Serket. Serket  is the goddess of fertility, medicine and magic and took the form of the scorpion. She was also one of the protectors of the pharaoh. The scorpion was also used in medicinal practices and magical spells. In ancient Egypt, the symbol of the scorpion was given to physicians who demonstrated gifted medicinal knowledge.

Ancient Greco-Roman Scorpion Symbolism

According to the ancient Greco-Roman myths, the scorpion symbolized death. It is depicted that Artemis called upon a scorpion to sting on Orion’s foot that caused his death, after he threatened to hunt all the animals on the earth. After Orion’s death, god Zeus, made both the scorpion and Orion constellations in the stars.

Tibetan and African Scorpion Symbolism

In ancient Tibet, the venom of the scorpion was used for medicinal purposes and an antidote for the scorpion sting. The scorpion was seen as an omen, and the scorpion is worn for protection in an amulet to ward off any evil. The scorpion also represents healing in Africa and the venom is used in numerous medicinal oils.

Scorpion Symbolism and Scorpion Dream Meanings Infographic

Scorpion Symbolism - Scorpion Dream Meaning, Scorpion Mythology and Scorpion Spirit Animal Meanings Full Infographic


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