Animal Jewelry Collection

Animal Jewelry Collection

Harness the strength of your spirit animal by wearing one of the pieces from our animal jewelry collection. Whether it’s animal necklaces that you’re seeking, or one of our animal rings, adorning yourself with one of our signature pieces is a way of embodying the symbolic power that is latent behind these lovely creatures. Every one of the pieces within our gothic jewelry collection is handmade with black and white enamel over a stainless steel gold plated elegant pendant, and hung on a gold chain.

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About the Animal Jewelry Collection from Tiny Enchantments

Tiny Enchantments is a brand that strives to breathe intention and a bit of magic into all of the unique jewelry in our animal jewelry collection. These animal necklaces and animal rings are made to inspire you, the wearer, with a deeper connection to the symbolic properties of the animals depicted in the animal pendant. Let the spirit of these animals guide you through your own journey into the self. Our collection of animal jewelry aren’t just adornments, but also are meant to amplify and express the particular qualities of the spirit animal that you connect with. These bohemian pendants and gothic rings can be strong reminders of what you value and your true path and purpose.

How to Choose From Our Animal Jewelry Collection

Our collection of animal jewelry features gothic necklaces and gothic rings that are emblemed with spirit animals, all of which symbolically represent unique traits. You can start by simply selecting an animal that resonates with you. With both our animal necklaces and our animal rings, you can express and amplify the energies of that particular animal. For example, a snake necklace can create a stronger connection with the eternal; a crab ring is meant to offer protection and security and a crow necklace can heighten your intuitive abilities.

But rest assured - not every item you choose must to have a symbolic reason. Of course, you may also simply be drawn by aesthetics. If any pieces from this gothic jewelry collection are just particularly aesthetically pleasing to you, it doesn’t detract from their symbolic power.

If you’d like to learn more about which animal jewelry pieces would best suit you, you can read more the symbolic meanings of all the animal spirit symbols available here.

What We Offer in Our Animal Jewelry Collection

While we currently offer a wide range of animal jewelry to select from, we are of course always excited to hear from you which spirit animals you would want to see coming next.

Go ahead; discover the magic of the ancient animal wisdom behind these wonders of our natural world. This selection of beautiful animal jewelry can help you connect and resonate with the magic that is lies within you.


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