Animal Necklaces Collection

Animal Necklaces Collection

Embody the power of and symbolical meaning of your spirit animal with one of our animal necklaces. Our line of animal necklaces features black and white enamel on a stainless steel gold plated pendant, and hung on a gold chain. Each of these gothic necklaces feature talismans of the represented animal elegantly.

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About the Animal Necklaces Collection from Tiny Enchantments

Tiny Enchantments breathes magic and intention into all of the pieces in our collection. Our line of animal necklaces, as well as other bohemian necklaces are handmade, and they are built to serve as wonderful animal spirit guides through your own journey into the self. Each of our gothic necklaces feature etchings and symbolic references that are meant to amplify the characteristics, traits and talents that you embody. Our collection of unique and gothic necklaces not just jewelry; but they are also filled with symbolic meaning, and serve as strong reminders of your desired outcome and goal.

How to Choose From Our Animal Necklaces Collection

Our selection of animal necklaces are all emblemed with select spirit animals, each of which have their own unique traits and properties. By selecting a spirit animal necklace, you’ll be expressing and amplifying the particular drives, energies and symbolic meanings of that animal. For example, if you are looking for a scorpion necklace, you may use it to give yourself protection. A lion necklace can grant strength and courage in the toughest situations, and a snake necklace can represent your own connection to the eternal.

Not every necklace you choose though, has to have a particular purpose. You can also of course choose an animal charm simply by picking which images you like the most. If any of these elegant gothic necklaces are simply aesthetically pleasing, it doesn’t detract from their symbolic power.

For more information on which of these meaningful animal necklaces you should get for yourself, you can read about the different symbolic meanings of each of the animal spirit symbols we produce.

What We Offer in Our Animal Necklaces Collection

Tiny Enchantments offers a wide range of animal spirit emblems for you to choose from, and we are always happy to hear suggestions from you on which spirit animals you’d like to see coming next. Choose from our selection of handcrafted gothic necklaces to help bring that particular animal’s energy into your life.

So go ahead and explore the magic of the ancient animal wisdom behind these wonders of our natural world. This selection of beautiful animal jewelry can help you connect and resonate with the magic that is lies within you.


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