Zodiac Necklace Collection

Zodiac Necklace Collection

The zodiac necklace collection features crystal necklaces engraved with a design of each astrological symbol, on a crystal pendant. These zodiac crystal necklaces are engraved with gold, and hung on a gold chain. Each of the crystals are colored with the element of the zodiac sign, but still unique across each of the zodiac signs. This means that fire zodiac signs such as Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are colored different hues of red and orange, earth zodiac signs such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are colored different hues of green, and so on and so forth. Altogether, each zodiac necklace in the collection harmonizes with the astrological sign that it represents.

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About the Zodiac Necklace Collection from Tiny Enchantments

Tiny Enchantments is a jewelry brand that puts intention and magic into each and every one of the pieces that we create. Our line of zodiac necklaces, as well as other bohemian necklaces are handcrafted, and made to assist you along your own spiritual journey. Each of our bohemian elegant necklaces for women feature designs and symbolic references that express and amplify the values that you hold close to your heart. Our line of unique necklaces are much more than just jewelry; they are infused with symbolic meaning, and can be helpful reminders in your life to follow your own true path.

How to Choose From Our Zodiac Necklaces

Since our collection of zodiac necklaces are crafted around each astrological sign’s energies, each of these meaningful necklaces are filled with their own symbolic meanings, purposes and intentions. You can use an Aries necklace to give your drive, energy and purpose, or a Taurus necklace to provide you with strong foundations and patience. Whatever you’re searching for in your life, our line of zodiac charms can help you find what you’re looking for.

Since each of the zodiac signs also represents a particular element, and our zodiac necklaces are all hung on crystal pendants colored to match the elements, you can also choose your own zodiac pendant based on elemental energy.

If you don’t seek any particular energy or intention, you can simply choose a zodiac necklace based on your own personal sun sign, moon sign or rising sign to express your own particular blend of energy.

If you’re a newbie in astrology, and you need help on what each of these meaningful necklaces you should get for your own purposes, you can read about the different zodiac sign meanings we produce on our blog.

What We Offer in Our Zodiac Necklace Collection

We offer all 12 astrological signs for our collection, as crystal necklaces. Each of the unique necklaces within the zodiac necklace collection represent the power and energy of that particular astrological sign. Choose from our handcrafted necklaces to help bring that zodiac sign’s energy into your life and manifest your own intentions and amplify that particular quality.

With our zodiac necklaces, you yourself can explore the magic of the ancient wisdom that lies beneath the zodiac, and within the stars. Our unique line of beautiful pendant jewelry can help you resonate with the magic that is latent within yourself.


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