Athena Stacking Ring - Minimalist, Dainty, Thin, Stackable, Delicate, Blue Cubic Zirconia, Pearl Ring

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  • Athena Dainty Ring Description

    Borrow some of Athena’s powerful energy by wearing this minimalist stacking ring. Simple and delicate, this dainty ring is set with blue cubic zirconia - the color of the clear sky, symbolizing air and intellect. The central gem is surrounded by two tiny pearls, representing purity. This dainty ring is gold plated over polished brass.

    Athena Dainty Ring Details

    • Gold plated, nickel-free, finished brass
    • Full delicate ring band, about 2mm thick
    • Central blue cubic zirconia crystal about 2mm wide
    • 2 Flanking pearls, about 1mm wide
    • Makes for great stacking rings
  • Athena Dainty Ring Symbolism

    Athena, also known as Minerva in Roman lore, is the virgin goddess of wisdom, and the patron goddess of artisans. Born from Zeus’s head, she wasn’t just known for her smarts, but her protectiveness and strength as well. As wise as she is heroic, this champion goddess also is known for being a goddess of war, particularly of strategic warfare.

    Athena is associated with:

    • wisdom
    • intelligence
    • courage and war
    • creativity and the arts
    • knowledge
    • strategy and skill
    • purity
  • About Goddess Collection Dainty Rings

    Our company, Tiny Enchantments, prides itself in helping infuse magic, beauty and intention into the lives of our wearers. We have a collection of dainty, stackable rings, as well as other symbolic jewelry that is handmade. All Tiny Enchantments Jewelry is designed and made to be strong reminders of the sublime in the everyday world.

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Athena ring

Beautiful ring. Thank you.


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