Dahlia Statement Ring - Rose Gold Statement, Marquise, Bohemian, Stackable, Delicate, Flower, Cubic Zirconia Ring

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  • Dahlia Statement Ring Description

    This statement rose gold ring is adorned with a large central marquise cut cubic zirconia, and flanked by two dahlia flowers. Each flower’s center is embedded with a single tiny cubic zirconia as well, making this bohemian ring gorgeously detailed. This delicate ring is rose gold plated over polished brass.

    Dahlia Statement Ring Details

    • Rose gold plated, nickel-free, finished brass
    • Full delicate ring band, about 2mm thick
    • 1 large marquise cut cubic zirconia in the center, 8mm x 3mm
    • 2 tiny cubic zirconia crystals on each side
    • Makes for great statement ring
  • Dahlia Statement Ring Symbolism

    The Dahlia was traditionally used in the west to symbolize a lasting commitment, such as a marriage or partnership, between two individuals. It has also been associated with focus and inner strength, qualities that are needed in order to maintain those bonds. In other cultures, the Dahlia flower represents unity and diversity, because each of its individual petals come together to form a perfect whole.

    The Dahlia is associated with:

    • Elegance
    • Grace
    • Inner Strength
    • Focus
    • Compassion
    • Commitment
    • Unity


  • About Woodland Collection Statement Rings

    Our company, Tiny Enchantments, prides itself in helping infuse magic, beauty and intention into the lives of our wearers. We have a collection of dainty, stackable rings, as well as other symbolic jewelry that is handmade. All Tiny Enchantments Jewelry is designed and made to be strong reminders of the sublime in the everyday world.

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