Lion Necklace - Black & White Enamel Gold Plated Gothic Animal Necklace

  • Lion Necklace Description

    Embody the energy of the Lion spirit animal by wearing this Lion necklace. The Lion necklace features a detailed black and white enamel design imprinted on a stainless steel gold plated pendant. These Lion Necklaces are hung on a 22 inch gold plated chain. 

  • Lion Necklace Symbolic Properties

    Lions have enormous symbolic and abstract meaning in both modern and ancient cultures. While there is little doubt that lions are among the most ferocious and majestic members of the animal kingdom, that is by no means, all that they are known for in terms of dreams, mythology, and symbols.

    The Lion Animal Spirit is associated with:

    • strength
    • power
    • instinct
    • protection
    • family
    • pride
    Learn More About the Lion Spirit Animal.
  • About Tiny Enchantments Animal Necklaces

    Tiny Enchantments breathes magic and intention into all of the pieces in our collection. Our line of animal necklaces, as well as other bohemian necklaces are handmade, and they are built to serve as wonderful animal spirit guides through your own journey into the self.

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Customer Reviews

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I love it!

Thank you so much - Exactly what I was looking for and I'm going to wear it daily. The shipment was quick and the seller very kind.


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