Magnolia Stacking Ring - Rose Gold Minimalist, Dainty, Thin, Stackable, Delicate, Flower, Cubic Zirconia Ring

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  • Magnolia Dainty Ring Description

    This dainty rose gold ring is shaped as intercrossed twigs, twisting to form a simple branch of tiny crystal flower buds. This minimalist ring is adorned with white cubic zirconias, mimicking the branches on which magnolias bloom from. This delicate ring is rose gold plated over polished brass.

    Magnolia Dainty Ring Details

    • Rose gold plated, nickel-free, finished brass
    • Full delicate ring band, about 2mm thick
    • 3 tiny scattered cubic zirconia crystals
    • Makes for great stacking rings
  • Magnolia Dainty Ring Symbolism

    Unlike most flowers, the magnolia grows on tree branches - instead of vines or bushes, and the trees can live for up to a hundred years. They are one of the most ancient flowering plants, with fossil records dating back 100 million years, giving them the associations of durability and endurance. White magnolias are known to be symbolic of the moon and all lunar goddesses.

    The Magnolia is associated with:

    • Eternity
    • Endurance
    • Longevity
    • Perseverance
    • Perfection
    • Nobility
    • Dignity


  • About Woodland Collection Dainty Rings

    Our company, Tiny Enchantments, prides itself in helping infuse magic, beauty and intention into the lives of our wearers. We have a collection of dainty, stackable rings, as well as other symbolic jewelry that is handmade. All Tiny Enchantments Jewelry is designed and made to be strong reminders of the sublime in the everyday world.

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