Pisces Necklace - Blue Zodiac Birthstone Crystal Pendant Necklace

  • Pisces Necklace Description

    Connect with the dreamy and intuitive Pisces zodiac sign with this Pisces necklace. The Pisces necklace features an blue crystal pendant engraved with two fish, the symbol of the Pisces zodiac sign. The blue crystal pendant reflects the element of water, the element of Pisces. These Pisces Necklaces are hung on a 18 inch gold plated chain. 

    • 2cm x 2.6cm x 0.8cm charm
    • 18" gold plated chain
  • Pisces Necklace Symbolic Properties

    The Pisces zodiac sign is filled with dreamers, artists and mystics. You’ll often find a Pisces drifting off to their daydreams, which are magical and fantastic in nature. Because they are so preoccupied with their internal world, they are very much often introverted, and therefore can seem rather mysterious to other zodiac signs.

    The Pisces Zodiac Sign is:

    • Mystical
    • Intuitive
    • Creative
    • Romantic
    • Compassionate
    • Sensitive 

    Learn More About the Pisces Zodiac Sign.

  • About Tiny Enchantments Zodiac Necklace Collection

    Tiny Enchantments is a jewelry brand that puts intention and magic into each and every one of the pieces that we create. Our line of zodiac necklaces, as well as other bohemian necklaces are handcrafted, and made to assist you along your own spiritual journey.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Janel Jabal
Perfectly Pisces & truly Taurus

Wear it for any occasion!

Theo Enzo Aalto
It's cute..

The design is cute but the chain is not the best quality. Also, the hook on the pendant world be better set on the bias versus straight on as it wants to flip on itself. Otherwise very cute


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