Raven Necklace - Black & White Enamel Gold Plated Gothic Animal Necklace

  • Raven Necklace Description

    Embody the energy of the Raven spirit animal by wearing this Raven necklace. The Raven necklace features a detailed black and white enamel design imprinted on a stainless steel gold plated pendant. These Raven Necklaces are hung on a 22 inch gold plated chain. 

  • Raven Necklace Symbolic Properties

    While many modern depictions of ravens focus on its more negative qualities, such as an association with death and illness, the raven is also known its wisdom and knowledge.

    The Raven Animal Spirit is associated with:

    • death
    • destruction
    • wisdom
    • intelligence
    • prophecy
    • mysticism
    • magic
    Learn More About the Raven Spirit Animal.
  • About Tiny Enchantments Animal Necklaces

    Tiny Enchantments breathes magic and intention into all of the pieces in our collection. Our line of animal necklaces, as well as other bohemian necklaces are handmade, and they are built to serve as wonderful animal spirit guides through your own journey into the self.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Federica Marchionni
Great customer service

I had some issues with DHL but I was able to communicate easily with the shop. They were great and I got my order faster than I expected. I will definitely buy from them again.

Davi Dillon
Beautifully made

It was delayed on getting to me but when it got here I was in awe. it looks exactly like the pictures and is even better in person. the design is fluid with no mistakes it is perfectly made thank you so much will be ordering more.

Jessica Jardine
Lovely Pendant

I am so happy with this necklace. It’s just as it was pictured. Thank you so much!

Katherine Mannel

I’ve been coveting this necklace for a long time and finally bought it for myself. I was not disappointed. I will be purchasing more for sure!

Lucy Keller

Necklace arrived in condition and size described. Very pretty.


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