Snake Ring - Gold Coin Ring, Enamel Ring, Animal Spirit Ring, Black and White Animal Ring

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  • Snake Ring Description

    Express your connection to the mysterious and eternal snake animal spirit with this dramatic and striking snake ring. This signet ring is stamped with the detailed etching of a snake, colored in black and white enamel design that is imprinted with careful detail on a stainless steel coin ring, and plated in gold.

    • Available in 4 sizes
    • Gold plated stainless steel
    • Coin size 20mm x 25mm
  • Snake Ring Symbolic Properties

    Snakes have long had a huge and deeply symbolic meaning in mythology and dreams. Many ancient civilizations recognized long ago that snakes had a power and atmosphere about them that made for great metaphorical representation. Even today, our cultural perception of snakes is filled with a symbolic and religious undertones.

    The Snake Animal Spirit is associated with:

    • transformation
    • rebirth
    • sex and lust
    • protection
    • wisdom and knowledge
    • death
    • poison
    Learn More About the Snake Spirit Animal.
  • About Tiny Enchantments Animal Rings

    At Tiny Enchantments, we aim to bring magic and sacred meaning into all of the jewelry in our brand line. Our collection of animal rings, as well as all of our gothic rings are handmade, and they are built to serve you, the wearer, as guides for your own journey of self discovery and expression.

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Customer Reviews

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Snake ring

I love the ring, it’s beautifully made and makes me feel oddly powerful

Love this ring

This ring is absolutely gorgeous! I love the details and how comfortable it feels.


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